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The ITS Siren Control System solution is designed to give you complete control and monitoring capability of your Community-wide Siren Activation System.  Leveraging the tremendous communication benefits of Motorola Solutions ACE3600 smart control RTU and combining with the industry leading HMI InTouch® as the front end, the ITS Siren Control System gives you all the power of InTouch® while providing an easy-to-use interface for your operators and system maintenance personnel alike.  The ITS Siren Control System is applicable for both industrial applications as well as community warning systems.


The Map Overview Screen provides an overview of the entire system including alarm conditions and site navigation.  Operators can view the overall system at-a-glance from the Map Overview Screen.  Clicking on a specific site icon “zooms in” on the associated status screen. The Menu Bar is visible from each screen allowing the operator simple and consistent navigation possibilities from any screen in the ITS Siren Control System.  Security access levels “lock” the operator in the ITS Siren Control System by disabling the Windows navigation and shortcut keys without proper access level.  Logging in as a System Manager allows the user to perform maintenance such as backups, updates, and report archiving.


The System Command Screen provides the operator the means to activate the sirens by zone.  A separate Single Siren Activation screen is available for maintenance purposes.  In order to activate the sirens, the operator simply selects the siren(s) or zone(s) and the activation sequence to be activated (confirmed with yellow highlight) followed by pressing the START button.  Activation messages are confirmed via “bounce back” prior to initiation to provide the best way to confirm radio channel availability at the time of activation. Siren activation sequences consist of up to 16 individual commands (e.g. tone followed by pre-recorded digital voice message, etc.) and can be sent to any combination of sirens in the system. Each activation is assigned a unique sequence identification number that provides further verification upon siren activation status retrieval.


All siren site status is available at the click of a button either from the Map Overview Screen or from the associated Siren Status Screen.  The ITS Siren Control System allows customers to utilize multiple siren manufacturers’ hardware (i.e. Whelen Engineering, Federal Signal, American Signal, etc.) and mix-and-match mechanical with electronic sirens to leverage existing sirens as well as adding new sirens. The siren type is displayed for each specific siren on the Siren Status Screen for quick reference. All applicable status is monitored real-time by the co-located ACE3600 RTU either via RS232 link to an electronic siren or via I/O connections to a mechanical siren.  Any status not applicable for a particular site is disabled and shown in gray.


The System Manager Screen is only available while logged in with System Manager security access. This screen allows the System Manager to monitor communication statistics for each remote siren site as well as keep track of the last time the site reported in.  Current configuration, active status (i.e. is site currently operational in the system?) and current communication states are also shown. This screen also allows the System Manager to upgrade sirens with the click of the mouse.  For example, replacing an older mechanical siren with a new electronic siren which allows customers to phase in new sirens slowly as money becomes available. The ITS Siren Control System supports up to 191 siren sites with up to 12 central computer control points.


  • Leverage ANY Motorola-based communication including digital Astro IV&D, 800/900 MHz analog trunking, conventional VHF/UHF radio, MOTOTRBO, MOTOMESH, Canopy, etc.
  • Combine different manufacturer’s sirens (working solutions for Whelen, Federal Signal and American Signal) as well as different models from the same manufacturer including electronic and mechanical sirens in the same system
  • Unparalleled activation security with Motorola’s 7-layer MDLC Protocol
  • Embedded time & date stamp eliminates replicated activations
  • Share and combine activation responsibilities as well as siren status information between multiple jurisdictions by deploying multiple central computer control points
  • Limit activation possibilities based on current operator log-in
  • Siren Activation Reports via Microsoft Excel following “smart” interrogation scheme from all computer control points
  • Integrates with WeatherWarn for polygon activation
  • Integrates with AtHoc for automated remote notification
The level of assistance and customer service extended to the City is second to none. Integrated Telecommunication Systems and its staff continue to assist me with system maintenance and software.
- Marvin Lewis, Superintendent City of Chesapeake Pump Station

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