Satisfying the EPA with SCADA over Radio

Motorola ACE3600 SCADA over Radio providing EPA reporting data for 300+ lift stations using Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware Historian

The Challenge

The challenge is to provide enough data to satisfy EPA reporting requirements using a SCADA system where the initial primary objective is to provide alarm monitoring at the 265 lift stations (capacity of 384 sites). The communication link to those 265 sites will remain the City’s 800 MHz analog trunking radio system which is shared among multiple City agencies including public safety.

The Solution

We were able to take advantage of the inherent coverage of the the City's radio system as we didn't need to install additional towers or coordinate additional frequencies or add any other communication infrastructure.  However, like any other shared communication link, how we utilized the radio system must be considered when determining the data to be transferred over that shared resource.  Additionally, the City already had the Motorola ACE3600 hardware out at each of these sites with radios already configured to communicate back to the two customer locations looking for the SCADA system information.  We needed to develop an updated application program for the existing ACE3600 hardware to provide the required functionality.

Functionality Requirements

  • Near real-time (15-minute intervals) data for up to forty sites in order to monitor freshwater system pressures throughout the City
  • Remote alarm monitoring for up to 384 sites includes general I/O as well as calculated alarms/values
  • Calculate and communicate daily, yesterday, monthly and previous monthly runtime and number of starts for all pumps and generators as well as rain gauge totals
  • Smart interrogation of sites to further optimize communications
  • Calculate flow in/out of each station where flow meters are not available
  • Historical data logging and daily retrieval (see details below)

Historical Data Logging Functionality

Each Motorola MOSCAD/ACE3600 will be configured to not only monitor discrete and analog points but also to operate as a data logger for the pump station.  There will be two modes of data logging - 5-minute Analog Logging & Pump Change-of-State Logging.

5-minute Analog Logging

The first data logging method will be 5-minute logging of analog data.  The RTUs will log the following information every 5 minutes:

  • Average discharge pressure over the 5-minute period
  • Fresh water pressure at the 5-minute mark
  • Minimum/maximum wet well level over the 5-minute period
  • Wet well level at the 5-minute mark

Pump Change-of-State Logging

When a pump changes state, the RTU will log the following information:

  • Time & date stamp
  • The state of all 16 digital inputs
  • Live Discharge Level
  • Rain Gauge count for the 5-minute interval
  • Calculated Flow
    • In-flow will be calculated and logged when a pump transitions to ON
    • Out-flow will be calculated and logged when all pumps transition to OFF

For more detailed information, download the full Functional Description here.

I would like you to know Mr. Flauter has been very helpful. He has been patient with me as I am not the best computer person. He was able to explain it to me in a non tech kinda way that I understood.
- Robert Flack, City of Decatur Electrician

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Satisfying the EPA with SCADA over Radio

Motorola ACE3600 SCADA over Radio providing EPA reporting data for 300+ lift stations using Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware Historian

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