Course Descriptions

ACE3600 Essentials - $2,950 (5 days)

Includes ACE3600 Basics & Troubleshooting and ACE3600 Advanced Programming courses. Attend both session and save $550.

SCADA Essentials - $2,950 (5 days)

Includes ACE3600 Advanced Programming and InTouch Programming for ACE3600 courses.

ACE3600 Basics & Troubleshooting - $1,750 (2 1/2 days)

This class is designed for anyone supporting ACE3600 hardware. Students will learn how to configure, download and troubleshoot a ACE3600 RTU using Motorola's System Tool Suite (STS) programming software. Basic RTU funtionality such as Firmware Downloads, Network Configuration and Store & Forward will also be covered.

ACE3600 Advanced Programming - $1,750 (2 1/2 days)

This class is designed for anyone performing application programming or modifications for new or exisiting ACE3600 applications. Students will learn rung development concepts including linking to and working with I/O as well as RTU to RTU communication concepts. Students will develop a working pump station application.

InTouch Programming for ACE3600 - $1,750 (2 1/2 days)

This class is designed for anyone supporting Wonderware InTouch applications. Basic InTouch concepts covered include tag creation, alarming, historical trending and graphic creation. In addition, students will configure the ACE3600 Modbus I/O server and interface InTouch tags to ACE3600 I/O points.

The ITS team come highly recommended by Wake County as they have shown us that they are highly skilled in the setup, maintenance, and enhancement of Motorola SCADA and the Wonderware products.
- Jerry Horton, General Services Department IT Specialist Wake County, NC

Recent Solutions

Satisfying the EPA with SCADA over Radio

Motorola ACE3600 SCADA over Radio providing EPA reporting data for 300+ lift stations using Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware Historian

IV&D Radio Upgrade

Migrating a radio system from analog to IV&D in phases.

IP sites on an RF system

How to integrate IP sites to an existing Analog Radio System.

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