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Integrated Telecommunication Systems, Inc. (ITS) has been in the business of providing Motorola wireless fixed data solutions since 1998. As former employees of Motorola and Wonderware, we bring more than 50 years combined experience in the field to each project that we work on. We specialize in technical services and provide equipment, software, and integration for the design, development and commissioning of monitor and control systems.

ITS is a Motorola Solutions Authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) that features the following:

  • Member of Motorola’s prestigious Pinnacle Club – fifteen (15) consecutive years
  • Certified MOSCAD Solution Provider – one of only nine (9) companies in the U.S.
  • Hands on experience with MOSCAD-based, ACE-based, and Intrac-based SCADA Systems
  • Over fifty (50) years combined experience working with the Motorola ACE3600, MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L product lines and the Motorola Legacy Systems (Intrac)
  • An excellent reputation for providing quality programming services within stipulated budgets and schedules
  • Timely, personalized support on a system-by-system basis

From the beginning, ITS realized that service quality was the foundation required for differentiating itself from the rest of the marketplace.   Throughout the entire technology education, acquisition process, and project lifecycle ITS will address the Five Constructs of Service Quality on a daily basis.  The Five Constructs of Service Quality are Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangibles.

  • Reliability – our ability to perform a service dependably
  • Responsiveness – our willingness to help clients
  • Assurance – our ability to inspire trust and confidence
  • Empathy – our individualized attention given to clients
  • Tangibles – encompass facilities, equipment, personnel and written materials

A major goal of ITS is to provide our clients with incomparable, professional system implementation.  ITS is inclined to commit to the greatest standards with each clients’ application to ensure all solutions are implemented correctly, the first time.

To further demonstrate our commitment, our clients are trained in the inner-workings of their system.  ITS trains clients to perform tasks that most integrators charge to do for their customers including configuring and downloading a new or replacement CPU, adding sites to the SCADA central computer software, and first-line troubleshooting.  By training our customers, ITS saves them thousands of dollars per year allowing them to add to the system more quickly and earn a quicker return on their investment.

Mr. Brauer and ITS come highly recommended. I have been completely satisfied with the product and service rendered and I will not hesitate to continue to specify their assistance on future projects.
- Marvin Lewis, Superintendent City of Chesapeake Pump Station

Recent Solutions

Satisfying the EPA with SCADA over Radio

Motorola ACE3600 SCADA over Radio providing EPA reporting data for 300+ lift stations using Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware Historian

IV&D Radio Upgrade

Migrating a radio system from analog to IV&D in phases.

IP sites on an RF system

How to integrate IP sites to an existing Analog Radio System.

All Solutions
  • its is an authorized motorola reseller
  • its is a certified wonderware partner

ITS is proud to be an authorized reseller of the best SCADA systems in the industry.

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